02 October 2018

Artist Point Day 2

The morning of Day 2 I headed back to Artist Point.  I left the hotel around 8:30 and arrived about 10.

The parking lot was already 1/2 full.  I pulled my boots on, grabbed my pack and camera and headed to the other side of the parking lot.  There were two trail heads there.  One going left and the other going straight.  I noticed everyone ahead of me was going straight so I went left.

After walking thru pine trees for 10 minutes, it opened up to this:

A little further along the trail I took another shot:

A bit further we came to a crossroad:

I went left.

Mount Shuksan

Mount Baker in the distance.  View from Ptarmigan Ridge.

Looking back on the trail.

 The clouds were starting to roll in and I thought I felt a drop.  I decided to turn back.  When I was about halfway back to the parking lot, I turned around and took another picture.

You can see the clouds coming in are now getting darker.

When I got to the parking lot, I noticed a couple in wedding attire.  A photographer was taking their picture.  The clouds were getting darker so I went to my truck.  I lowered my tailgate, pulled out my folding chair, and relaxed with a bottle of water.  A bus with wedding guests pulled up and the rain began to fall.  That's life!  I tossed my chair back into my truck, climbed in, and headed back to the hotel. 

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