17 September 2018

September in Washington State

I think September is one of the best months in Washington State.  Now I have to admit that it does have some sentimental value as I moved here in September 1982 from my home state of Hawaii.  I never thought I could live anywhere else but in Hawaii because who would leave Paradise? 

I came here with US Army orders in hand and thought I would be here for 3 years before returning to Honolulu.  36 years later and here I remain.  It was a major turning point in my life and one I'm forever grateful to have.

September is cool but not cold.  Night temperatures do fall into the 50s which make for great sleeping weather.  During the day, it gets up to the upper 60s/lower 70s.  Most days are sunny and dry.  Very pleasant!

Hunting season kicks off next month!  It will start off with deer season before transitioning to razor clams.  When the weather really starts getting wet and cold, I'll start venturing out for waterfowl. 

I have to say again that I find it very amusing that a lot of family and friends that chastised me many years ago for joining the Army National Guard are now telling me that I am so lucky I did it.  40 years ago, they were telling me that I was dumb for doing it and that it was the worst decision I had ever made.  Now if you listen to them, it sounds like I won the lottery.  In a way, I'm kind of offended because they make it sound like all the benefits of retiring from the military just fell on me out of the blue.  They don't acknowledge the years of dangerous work, low pay, long hours, sacrificed weekends, and long deployments.

The wife was just reminding me about one commander I had.  He always showed up for work at 0500 (5 am) and didn't go home until 1800 (6 pm).  He would always walk the area first thing in the morning and before he went home at night to see which cars were there.  He would then comment to all about who was dedicated to the work and who wasn't.  He then made veiled comments about how it will impact your efficiency report.  Was it any surprise that he was divorced and lived alone?  I remember those days well.  People would take vacation time but still come in to work.  But since they were on vacation, they would only work 8 hours instead of 11.  Crazy....

Anyway, life is good and I'm happy.  I'm fortunate. 

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