22 July 2018

Youngest daughter is in an abusive relationship.  I'm very frustrated because she knows that it is but can't bring herself to break away.

I actually sat down with her and talked about the things that he has done to her.  I then asked her, "If your best friend told you that her boyfriend were doing those things to her, what would you tell her?"  She looked down and said, "I would tell her to leave".  It's incredibly frustrating for me but she's an adult now.  She has to make the decision on when to pull the plug.  I can no longer make that decision for her.

It's very irritating because when she comes to visit us, he is constantly texting her asking "why are staying there so long?"  He is constantly accusing her of meeting other guys and cheating on her.  Even when she is at work he constantly goes into fits and accuses her of cheating on him.  During her last visit, he texted her and demanded that she leave here immediately because he knows that she is bad mouthing him to her parents.  She gets very irritated by his behavior.  I get very upset because she's just visiting. 

Youngest daughter has let on that he's afraid of me.  Despite being 40 years younger than me and 6 inches taller, he is afraid of me.  I looked at her in surprise and asked why he was afraid of me?  She smiled and said after their last fight, he came here looking for her.  I read him the riot act even though she wasn't here.  I did.  But I had repeated an Army phrase.  He said his life was hell.  I told him that he didn't know what hell was but I was willing to take him there personally - I know a shortcut.

I guess we're not allowed to say that anymore....

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