20 August 2017

Summer is passing too quickly....

I guess I must be having fun because time is just flying by.

We're currently having some work done on our house so there have been a steady parade of workers passing thru our house.  I have to admit that I'm not very happy about having all these strangers coming into our house.  Perhaps I'm getting paranoid in my old age but I worry if any of them are part-time criminals.  These guys pretty much know the layout of our house and where my gun safe is located.

I don't have a lot or very expensive stuff but they don't know that.  Most criminals don't care.

Before this renovation began, the wife and I were joking about whether we would still be talking to each other by the end of it.  I have to admit that I've been pretty upset with her and not due to the renovations.  It has been other things that have been festering for a while.

Recently we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary.  I remember thinking about how wonderful it would be to live under a bridge.  That struck me as a very odd thought but it really did seem appealing.  I'm not in danger of being homeless.  My house has been paid off for a while.  We have money in the bank and other than monthly bills, I have no debt.  We have been fortunate due to good luck and also carefully saving whenever we could.  So why do I feel like hitting the road?  I have a pickup truck with a cover over the bed.  The other day I lowered the tailgate, placed a pad in the bed, climbed in and fell asleep.  I had thought about buying a RV or camper top.  Maybe not needed.  I may buy a tent though.  The wife has stated that she will not sleep in a tent anymore.  She will not sleep in a truck bed.  Her idea of camping is a RV or better yet, Holiday Inn.  I guess I might just have to go without her.

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