20 August 2017

For years, I worked in a public relations office.  A good part of our duties included interacting with the public by telephone, email, or in person.  After a while, it got really tough dealing with some of the public in a polite or respectful way.  There really are a lot of kooks out there.

We literally got phone calls from people claiming that we were spying on them, putting thoughts in their minds by radio waves, spraying mind control chemicals into the air, and more.  We had to treat them with courtesy and seriousness.  Laughing at them was not allowed.  No, really...not allowed.  There were a few emails that I just had to shake my head afterwards because they really did believe the bizarre things that they were saying.

So where am I going with this?  I really don't want to join the tin foil hat crowd.  But I really am wondering if there is a move by the media to polarize the people of this country.  I wonder if they are trying to create fear and anxiety where none exists.  Or where none should exist.

In our local newspaper and on the TV news the other day, it was blaring headlines that 6 police officers had been shot with 1 confirmed killed.  My immediate thought was that there was a street war beginning and a temporary collapse of society. Were the streets on fire?  Were gangs roaming the streets pillaging and killing?  No.  2 officers were shot in PA and 4 in FL.  Yes, very tragic and sad.  But it's on the other side of the country from us.  Yet the news was making it sound like it was happening right here and now.

The recent demonstrations in Virginia where various white supremacist groups and counter-demonstrators clashed.  While I think the white supremacy groups are reprehensible, they do have a constitutional right to demonstrate and I read that they had applied for all required permits.  Those permits were approved so they were legal.

It was the counter-demonstrators that did not have permits and were illegal.  Having said that, if they stood on the side and protested peacefully, I would have no issue and really wouldn't care.

Where I'm going with this is that a very small group of (I read about 300) white supremacists marched.  They were opposed by about 500 counter-demonstrators.  So about 800 people from around the country gathered in one spot and clashed.  Out of a country of 300+ million people, 800 people clash and 1 person died.  And the news is making it sound like the country is about to collapse.  I really do wonder if the media is playing mind games on this country.

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