18 April 2017

Sleep Issues

As I've gotten into my late 50s and now early 60s, I find that I need less sleep at night.  Instead of 8 hours, I find 6 is plenty and often get 5 hours.  The nice thing about being retired is that I can take a nap when I want to (most times).

But I'm starting to have some sleep issues and I don't know yet if it's just a random passing thing or something serious.  Last night as I was sleeping, I must have moved rather violently.  I sleep with an APAP machine so I have a mask strapped to my face.  I recall waking as the APAP machine fell to the floor.  I sensed that I had somehow gotten tangled in the hose and yanked it.  This is the third time in 2 months I've done that.  I have very seldom gotten tangled in the hose before.  This time and in the last two times I pulled the machine off my night stand, I believe I was thrashing enough to yank it off.

I did ask the wife if she had noticed anything during the last two times but she is such a sound sleeper that she missed it.  I have to admit that I sometimes envy how she can sleep thru anything while I seem to wake for a variety of reasons.

I just picked up a FitBit Alta HR.  It's the first time I've owned a FitBit.  I'm trying very hard not to join the "Pound of the Month Club" and hope this will remind me to keep moving and exercising.  It does have a Sleep Quality tracker built in.  That tracker actually shows when I woke up a couple times last night.  I suspect one of those times was when I yanked the APAP machine.  I recall picking it up off of the floor, putting it back on the night stand, and then falling back asleep.

This FitBit is pretty nice.  I was thinking of getting an Apple Watch but this Alta HR is better suited for constant tracking heart rate and sleep patterns.   Kind of funny that I hate wearing jewelry like rings but have no issues with wearing watches or watch like devices on my wrist.  In Iraq and while hiking/camping, I will wear a watch on one wrist and a compass on the other.  I like being able to take a quick reading on direction.  It's synced to my iPhone so it's tracking my steps too.  I went out for a 2 mile walk yesterday and when the rain stops today, I want to go for another walk.

Funny how when I was still in the Army marching in the rain was not an issue but I despise it now.  It's one thing when you have no choice and have to do it; it's another when you can look out the window and decide to do it later.

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