16 November 2008

It was a very good weekend!

It started off with a run to the coast to go razor clamming. Right after work, a co-worker and I headed out for Ocean Shores. It's a 90 minute drive and then we were sinking our shovels into the sand. We had our limit of clams in a half hour and then we were homeward bound.

I took Friday off (I have a lot of leave time piled up). To be honest, I don't remember what I did on Friday but I did go clamming again Friday night.

On Saturday morning, I headed downtown Tacoma to the Murano Hotel (formerly Tacoma Sheraton). Spousebuzz was there! Spousebuzz is a group dedicated to helping military spouses by providing them with information, connections, and the knowledge that they are not alone. There, I finally got to meet Sarah (http://www.tryingtogrok.com/). She was one of the first to read my Iraq blog. I depended on her counsel on whether I was being whiny or petty in my comments. Sometimes it was just a matter of focus. She soon became an internet buddy and after almost 5 years, I finally got to meet her in person. Her blog photos do her no justice.

The rest of Saturday was a blur (a funeral, research, cleaning clams...and more) before (you guessed it!) another round of clam digging.

Today was the last day of deer hunting so Dave and I headed for Vail again. For a day in the middle of November, it felt more like mid-September. The sun was shining and the temperature got up into the upper 50s. It sure felt warmer than that. Though we only saw does, it felt good to be cruising the hills with rifle in hand. Good times.

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